MADAM FOREMAN: A RUSH TO JUDGMENT? by Armanda Cooley, Carrie Bess, and Marsha Rubin-Jackson, as told to Tom Byrnes, with Mike Walker (Dove Books, $19.95).

Synopsis: Three jurors from the O.J. Simpson trial relive their “267 days as prisoners of the United States legal system,” including their confinement in the Inter-Continental Hotel and their exposure to the “blinding glare of white America’s fury” after their impartial verdict.

REPRESENTATIVE QUOTE: “‘I really can’t tell you how O.J. might have been feeling that weekend, but had I been O.J. I probably would have been very, very nervous,’ says Carrie. ‘I say that because I don’t think he could ever guess how we were thinking or how we felt about what we were hearing. As far as I’m concerned, I never gave him an inkling of what I thought or looked at him as if I sympathized with him.'”

NOTEWORTHY FLAW: Includes photos of the authors’ children and grandchildren, plus a wedding photo and a photo of the smoke detector and fire alarm system that the authors suspected of housing eavesdropping devices.

RAILBIKE: CYCLING ON ABANDONED RAILROADS, by Bob Mellin (Balboa Publishing, $16.95).

Synopsis: Riding specially adapted bicycles on railroad lines is a fun and rewarding hobby, so long as the rider takes pains not to stray onto active rail lines or get arrested for trespassing.

REPRESENTATIVE QUOTE: “Smart’s seemingly endless stream of interests surrounding his railbike passion includes his rail and nail collections. Of his various railbiking adventures, Richard collects discarded chunks of rail and increasingly rare railroad tie date nails that he might encounter.”

NOTEWORTHY FLAW: Author spends 17 pages describing, in meticulous detail, his own self-designed rail bikes, the X-1 through the X-8. While constructing the bikes he swore his children to secrecy. “I felt someone would find a reason to stop me if they found out.”

FRANKLY SCARLETT, I DO GIVE A DAMN!–CLASSIC ROMANCES RETOLD, by Beverly West and Nancy K. Peske (HarperCollins Publishers, $9.95).

Synopsis: Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, and other romantic tales retold in the same sensitive psychospeak as Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.

REPRESENTATIVE QUOTE: “Hester bit her lip. That thou shalt never know, for I have a deep-rooted fear of intimacy and commitment, stemming from my disastrous marriage to you. Let me be set apart, taking simple joy in my single parenthood and my successful cottage industry.”

NOTEWORTHY FLAW: Lightning doesn’t strike twice.