So You Want to Be a Lesbian? by Liz Tracey

and Sydney Pokorny

(St. Martin’s Griffin, $12.95).

Synopsis: Stereotypes about lesbians are funny, particularly when delivered by a pair of lesbians through a series of quizzes, glossaries, scorecards, and lists.

Representative quote: “Accessories You Should Consider–1. Trucker’s Wallet. As one always needs a place for the effluvia of everyday life, you can’t go wrong if it’s basic black. There are plain wallets, ones with various seventies TV characters, and the new ‘designer’ wallets, all acceptable.”

Noteworthy flaw: One of the “Six Signs Your Girlfriend’s Cheating”–“She’s wearing new underwear”–does not take into account the possibility of personal hygiene.

A Man’s Guide to Advertising for a Woman, by Sebastian Phillips (Loompanics, $16.95).

Synopsis: Phillips, a frequent speaker at “horticultural, computer and literary symposia,” leads you through the challenging process of writing a personal ad that will snag you “the woman of your dreams.”

Representative quote: “You are a man (if you are a woman reading this…PISS OFF!), and as such, Mother Nature has genetically programmed you over the past several million years to want to impregnate as many women as possible. You know the urge, you’ve had the fantasy. There is even recognition of this urge in the Bible.”

Noteworthy flaw: Published in 1996, not 1976.

The Drag Queens of New York:

An Illustrated

Field Guide,

by Julian Fleisher

(Riverhead Books, $13).

Synopsis: Manhattan drag queens “now stand proudly at the forefront of a mass media juggernaut, leading an ever-widening circle of enthusiastic devotees into the breach of the next millennium.”

Representative quote: “‘You better work it out, cunt!’ insists drag’s seedy spitfire. For a queen as relatively unseasoned as she is, Chicklet has accrued a large and devoted following.”

Noteworthy flaw: Many photographs of men in drag.