Is Your Cat Crazy? Solutions From the Casebook of a Cat Therapist, by John C. Wright, PhD, with Judi Wright Lashnits (Macmillan, $12.95).

Synopsis: In this sincere account of the emotional problems facing cats, Wright, “a pioneer in the field of applied animal behavior,” uses actual case studies to help perplexed owners deal with common issues, such as difficulty with the litter box.

Representative quote: “By the end of his parents’ visit five weeks later, Eric told me he had overheard his mother telling Dice that she was a ‘good kitty,’ and there was no chance at all of his folks making him move back to the dorm. I shudder to think what their reaction might have been six weeks earlier. Little Dice was fortunate to have the kind of intervention that protected her from long-lasting behavioral problems.”

Noteworthy flaw: They’re just cats.

Generation X Goes to College: An Eye-Opening Account of Teaching in Postmodern America, by Peter Sacks

(Open Court, $17.95).

Synopsis: Sacks, the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter, teaches writing at a nameless community college and finds that the students of today aren’t very studious.

Representative quote: “That look of indifference that threw me into culture shock when I became a teacher might be the mirror image of the magnificent spectacle of images that have nurtured GenXers from childhood. Colorful, mesmerizing images and sounds…”

Noteworthy flaw: It’s a community college.

Stop Aging Now! The Ultimate Plan for

Staying Young & Reversing the Aging Process, by Jean Carper (HarperPerennial, $14).

Synopsis: There is a second way to stop aging, besides killing yourself. You can eat a variety of healthy foods and special supplements, such as chromium (“It’s a must”), selenium (“You will probably need a separate pill”), and coenzyme Q-10 (“Preserves youth”).

Representative quote: “Aging, science now suspects, is not inevitable, or even natural. It is, in fact, an unnatural human condition that to a startling degree is preventable and treatable.”

Noteworthy flaw: Nobody’s done it yet, including the white-haired author who, in her jacket photo, looks, ummm, old.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): covers of “Is Your Cat Crazy…”, “Generation X Goes…”, “Stop Aging Now”.