How to Succeed in Business Without a Penis: Secrets and Strategies for the Working Woman, by Karen Salmansohn (Harmony Books, $21).

Synopsis: Using an array of positive thinking from Bazooka Joe comics to The Art of War, Salmansohn, a self-described image consultant who on page two takes credit for coining the term “Croissandwich,” helps women overcome the handicap of their gender in the business world.

Representative quote: “A woman doesn’t need a penis to succeed in business. Though she does need balls. Also a good set of boobs doesn’t hurt either (Well, except sometimes).”

Noteworthy flaw: The book begins “We all have it in us…”

The Lice-Buster Book: What to Do When Your Child Comes Home with Head Lice! by Lennie Copeland (Warner Books, $8.99).

Synopsis: Every year more than ten million children develop head lice, a tough-to-treat condition made more difficult by ignorance. “Myths abound, parents rely on folklore, and lice flourish.”

Representative quote: “The only way to know for sure is to examine the nit closely under a magnifying glass. New viable eggs are plump and a creamy color. Empty eggshells are white. Eggs that are black or caramel-colored contain a dead embryo.”

Noteworthy flaw: Illustrations are drawn by the author’s two young children, both survivors of lice.

Spying on Your Spouse: A Guide for Anyone Who Suspects a Partner is Cheating, by Kelly Squires (Citadel Press, $12.95).

Synopsis: The author, manager of a spy-device store, leads readers through the various techniques useful in determining a partner’s fidelity, using true tales gleaned from spy-device store customers and useful information about products available at spy-device stores.

Representative quote: “Laser listening devices are currently retailing for tens of thousands of dollars, but the people I know who have used the units have reported good results and feel the cost is justified.”

Noteworthy flaw: No 800 number for ordering seminal fluid test kits.

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