What Women Need to Know: From Headaches to Heart Disease and Everything in Between, by Marianne Legato, MD, and Carol Colman

(Simon & Schuster, $23).

Synopsis: Real questions from real women–Do underwire bras cause cancer? Is fainting after a big meal normal? Should I stand on my head after intercourse to promote pregnancy? (no, yes, yes)–are answered by a real physician.

Representative quote: “Clean your tongue: Although the tongue appears to be a smooth, slippery surface, it is actually loaded with crevices that can be a magnet for bacteria.”

Noteworthy flaw: “Given the downside of alcohol, I believe that if you don’t drink, there is no reason to start.”

Let Me Count The Ways: Discovering Great Sex Without Intercourse,

by Marty Klein, PhD, and Riki Robbins, PhD (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, $24.95).

Synopsis: All this emphasis on fucking often inhibits a healthy sex life. Focus instead on “outercourse”: fellatio, bondage, exhibitionism, and watching dance shows on TV with the sound off.

Representative quote: “When you discard intercourse as the primary way to understand sex, eroticism in its various aspects itself becomes the central theme of sexuality….

There is almost nothing that is inherently non-erotic.”

Noteworthy flaw: Even Al Gore?

Sensual Celibacy, by Donna Marie Williams (Fireside, $11).

Synopsis: An unmarried, obese mother of two who hasn’t had sex for seven of the past ten years advises you to do the same to ensure that the man you do snare really loves you.

Representative quote: “It’s important for me to keep my queenly jewels under a lock and key of my own design until Mr. Right is doing more than just talking a good game. He’s got to be willing to put in some celibacy time with me. Then he’d better get himself to the church on time because we’ll have a lot of catching up to do!”

Noteworthy flaw: But what if the man you marry has been celibate with you because he doesn’t want to have sex?