The Baby Boon: How Family-Friendly America Cheats the Childless, by Elinor Burkett (Free Press, $25).

Synopsis: We live in “childhood apartheid”–benefits like day care and tax breaks showered on parents, with the tab for all those perks shouldered by the childless few, such as the author.

Representative quote: “To what extent is reproduction a social good? Is expecting non-parents to pick up the slack at the office so parents working to fulfill themselves can attend school plays, for example, intrinsic to the social good?”

Noteworthy flaw: Of course it is, you dumb selfish fuck.

Cuss Control: The Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing, by James V. O’Connor (Three Rivers Press, $12.95).

Synopsis: After his creation of the chimerical Cuss Control Academy landed local PR flack O’Connor on Oprah, he was inspired to write a book hectoring people to stop swearing.

Representative quote: “Shit. If we did it as often as we say it, the city sanitation department couldn’t hire enough people to shovel it.”

Noteworthy flaw: In arguing for the verbally pure life, he nevertheless manages to print the word “shit”–in a book dedicated to his late father, mind you–31 times on page 12.

Queen of Angels: Mary’s Answers to Universal Questions, by Janice T. Connell (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, $19.95).

Synopsis: The Blessed Virgin answers your questions about daily living, including beauty tips.


A. God alone is beauty. You become what you observe. I am beautiful because I always look at God. If you want to be beautiful, look always to God.”

Noteworthy flaw: Nothing about getting juice stains out of a broadloom rug.