Wendy Clinard is a flamenco dancer with a difference. In 2001 she created a piece for puppets and dancers about the nature of water, Shifting Landscapes. Now she looks at the intersection of flamenco and bharata natyam in Unraveling Rhythms, which she performs with classical Indian dancer Siri Sonty and modern dancer Orazio Giurdanella. Together Clinard and Sonty–dressed in traditional costumes, which include scarves and skirts for both–show there’s a natural crossover between the two forms, in the stamping feet, intricate hand movements, low lunges, and general groundedness. But where the barefoot Indian dancer is covered with sequins, jewelry, and bells, the flamenco artist’s costume is stripped down–except for her heeled shoes, which give her an almost masculine intensity. Circling or confronting each other, the two women seem to knit together their rhythms rather than unravel them. Las Guitarras de Espana accompany the piece, providing a blend of Spanish and Indian music, then perform songs from their new CD for the second half of this 90-minute program, accompanied by Clinard’s traditional flamenco dancing. The show has its first Chicago-area performance this weekend and continues at various venues through October 29 (see listing). Sat 9/10, 8 PM. Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln, 773-728-6000. $16-$20.