Noise musicians can generally be divided into two camps: storytellers and punishers. But local introvert Blake Edwards is really neither. He’s interested mostly in destabilization; any narrative-seeming structure he creates is just raw material to be broken down. On such releases as the split seven-inch with Coeurl he released in 2001 on his own Crippled Intellect Productions (which also publishes Edwards’s chapbooks of short fiction, poetry, and drawings), droning, muted clanging gives way to piercing static and squeals like air escaping from a balloon, illustrating how easily meditation can turn into anxiety. On records like Coagulation (a split seven-inch with local duo Panicsville, also released on CIP), however, he’s trying too hard. Assuming ye olde punisher role, he rips his song apart and dumps the shrapnel in a sampler, hurling everything from abrasive distortion to locked-groove old-man warbling in your face. Last time I saw Edwards play, he filled the room with low-frequency vibrations you could feel more than hear, creating a rumbling that seemed to form a bubble around your body. But if his forthcoming LP (a split with Nautical Almanac, also on CIP) is any indicator, this show may be more about carefully planned dynamics, even skittish snatches of melody. He shares a bill with Cleveland’s Spencer Yeh (aka Burning Star Core), a knob tweaker and violinist whose noise is more beautiful than brutal. Mike Shiflet headlines; TV Pow opens. Friday, November 14, 9 PM, Deadtech, 3321 W. Fullerton; 773-395-2844.