Blake Edwards, aka Vertonen, and fellow Chicago sound artist Mykel Boyd will collaborate between solo sets at this afternoon show–and by proxy both will collaborate with sculptor Juan Angel Chavez, who built the installation they’ll be playing in. His Speaker Project opened at the Hyde Park Arts Center in late April and has been hosting performances since May. Set inside a hangarlike space that’s open to the street during shows, it’s like a junkyard temple made from scrap wood, metal, glass bottles, PVC pipe, traffic cones, and two giant resonating horns. It creates a mind-altering landscape of sound that constantly morphs as listeners and performers move about, and the effect is especially intense at apocalyptic volumes–which this show promises to provide. Edwards says he’ll play a custom-built two-oscillator pedal and a shortwave radio, and his duet with Boyd will exploit the acoustics of the installation: they’ll use pairs of high or low frequencies tuned to interfere with each other (in theory you should only be able to hear one of the notes or a third between them, though which one depends on your position) and try to simulate electronic voice phenomena (EVP), the illusion of paranormal speech coalescing out of noise. Boyd plays first and Vertonen is last. a 2 PM, Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 S. Cornell, 773-324-5520 or 773-276-3600. F A