Pascal Arbez–best known as International Deejay Gigolos artist Vitalic–was born into a family of fur trappers in a small Ukrainian town. In his early teens he moved to Germany, accompanied only by his dog, and barely scraped by, playing a traditional Ukrainian instrument called a trubka for change and sometimes turning tricks. Or so his press bio claims–Gigolos artists are notoriously fond of embellishing their life histories. But the sound track to that supposed life, Vitalic’s Pony EP, released last June, lives up to the tale. “Pony 2” chugs along like a carousel until Arbez drops the pitch, and suddenly the track runs off the rails, devolving into an assortment of sounds more suitable for a haunted house than a dance floor. His half-man-half-machine vocals sound creepy too–though the tales of disco lowlife he intones won’t exactly make you leave your night-light on. The tension Arbez builds with his skull-crushing beats, emotional darkwave melodies, and off-the-beat frills made the EP an immediate Eurotrash hit. The Hacker, who’ll DJ, headlines. Saturday, October 26, 10 PM, Zentra, 923 W. Weed; 312-787-0400.