Billed as “NPR without the dignity,” this satirical weekly quiz show has been taped before a live audience in Chicago since May 2005. Politics supply the jokes du jour as host Peter Sagal directs callers to answer current-events questions. Headlines weave through the taping–at this show, Cheney’s hunting and greedy Alaskans. But what happens off-microphone is often funnier. Sagal keeps the audience amused and informed, announcing during a commercial break, “Now we have to pause for eight minutes.” Panelists shrug when asked to give more creative responses, Sagal struggles to enunciate lines for retakes, scorekeeper Carl Kasell listlessly reads silly topics (“We are standing on the shoulders of midgets”). These moments must be seen to be heard. Open run: Thu 7:30 PM, Chase auditorium, Chase Plaza, 10 S. Dearborn, 312-893-2956, $20.