Clifford Odets’s agitprop classic, about a meeting of exhausted, underpaid New York cabdrivers debating the merits of a strike, put the Group Theatre on the map when it debuted in 1935. That’s unlikely to occur with this debut by Remarcable Productions. Director Seth Remington makes dynamic use of Gorilla Tango’s cramped space, even squeezing some fun out of Odets’s creaky ploy of planting actors in the audience. And his production fairly drips with good intentions. But the 16 cast members approach nearly every moment with unvaried, emphatic earnestness, leaving little room for the subtle psychological shadings that should turn the play into something more than a lecture-demonstration about the evils of big business. –Justin Hayford a Through 8/19: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 7 PM, Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee, 773-598-4549, $15.