WAITING ON GODOT, Micelings Productions, at the Athenaeum Theatre. There’s these two waitresses, see–all right, one’s a would-be actress and the other’s a would-be author (who’s already written an opus entitled Hope Is the Thing With Feathers). To alleviate the boredom of their dead-end jobs they play little word games, improvise vaudeville-style routines, and fantasize about Mr. Godot, the ideal customer (“He’ll order the veal, and some exotic wine–like Beaujolais”) who will reward them for their service by Taking Them Away From All This.

Written and performed by Kate Hawley and Laura McKenzie, Waiting on Godot is chiefly a showcase for their talents–the script includes textual analogies to Beckett’s biggest hit and who’s-on-first patter–and those of their colleagues: satirical songs by Theo Novak and Jeffrey Snyder and break dance numbers by Erin Harper, all precisely executed with impassioned conviction under the direction of Laura Kepley.

Muscular support is provided by Mark Antani as the put-upon busboy, Daniel J. DeVito (who does a cute David Lee Roth imitation) as the serene parking valet, and Alan Malone as the lucky diner who finds himself selected as Godot-for-the-evening. But what carries the show right up to the full-cast finale (with feathers, naturally) are Hawley and McKenzie’s ever optimistic aprongirls: their engaging script and prodigious charm earn them a much deserved tip–uh, hand.

–Mary Shen Barnidge