Israeli director Eytan Fox follows up his art-house hit Yossi & Jagger (2002) with this nervy generational drama that urges Jews to let go of the Holocaust. A young Mossad agent (Lior Ashkenazi) assassinates a Hamas leader in Istanbul, then returns to Tel Aviv to find his wife has committed suicide. Swallowing his grief, he throws himself into his next assignment, tracking down an octogenarian Nazi fugitive by befriending the man’s adult grandson (Knut Berger) and granddaughter (Carolina Peters). The kids are liberal Germans who’ve rejected their family’s Nazi past–she’s converted to Judaism and lives on a kibbutz–and though the agent is gradually disarmed by their gentleness and openness, he follows them back to Berlin in hopes of terminating their mysterious grandfather. Fox keeps the suspense story at a low boil throughout, allowing the politics to emerge as the characters deepen. In English and subtitled German and Hebrew. 104 min. Music Box.