The Warlocks won’t exactly whack you over the head with their radical originality. It’s no challenge to pin down the source material for each cut on the California band’s second full-length, Phoenix (Birdman): “Stickman Blues” is very Stoogey; “Baby Blue” kicks off like the later Soft Boys; “Hurricane Heart” swaggers like AC/DC; and the monumental “Shake the Dope Out”–well, let’s just say that “Sister Ray” still has the riff that keeps on giving. But the Warlocks–all eight of them–stomp this well-trodden turf with a passion I haven’t heard since Spacemen 3, transmitting the electrifying sense that they’ve chosen these familiar sounds because they consider them perfect, not because they’re too lazy to come up with something new. More important, the Warlocks have figured out how best to extend these tones and drones well into the bleary dawn. Alcohol, with its numbing depressant qualities, is the only recreational substance it’s legal to ingest in a club, and most bands of this sort don’t work hard enough to punch through the fog for a glimpse of trippy heaven. But the Warlocks do. Using four guitars, two drum sets, and an organ, Bobby Hecksher’s troupe of true believers anchors the psychedelic beauty of its performances with a focused density. No matter how far into tomorrow the music stretches, the Warlocks always leave ’em wanting more. Local band the Boas open. Saturday, November 9, 10 PM, Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee; 773-489-3160.