Every small town in Texas has a Mary. She’s the prize–the most sought-after, sexual creature in the high school. And every Texas town has an eccentric like Preston Carlisle: he’s got the most money and the biggest house. Then there’s Driver Goodbody, who has no money but is a sexual magnet. What happens among these three southern archetypes forms the plot of this jarring and hilarious dance/theater murder mystery. Back in 1986, when writer/choreographer Timothy O’Slynne created the show, mixing dance and theater was considered bold and unconventional. Now it’s old hat, but the form still works wonderfully to create a slippery reality; characters slide into and out of scenes and things are not necessarily what they seem. Paul Soldberg’s original electronic music sounds a bit dated and repetitive at times, but it still manages to create an aura of high drama and suspense. The supporting cast has changed, but the original leads remains: O’Slynne as Carlisle, Mary Ward as Mary, and Brian Jeffery as Goodbody. Xsight! Performance Group, Friday and Saturday at 8 at the Josephine Louis Theatre of Northwestern University, 1979 Sheridan, Evanston. $5-$10; 708-491-7282.