Credit: Celine Loup

Read Aimee Levitt’s story on the migration of Chicago hipsters from 1898 to the present.

To gauge how people react when they’re accused of being hipsters, we considered two options: scream it at the cool types who stand in line outside the Whistler on Saturday nights or just go ahead and ask our 60,000 Twitter followers. The nature of violence being what it is here in Chicago—and taking into account that “hipster” is considered an insult by an overwhelming portion of our ornery, bespectacled population—we chose the latter.

Whether funny or defensive, the responses turned out to be revelatory: you guys basically told us what “hipster” means at the moment. So thanks. And sorry in advance to the people we call out (including ourselves) for so obviously fitting the profile.

All right, so, hipsters definitely have tattoos. Preferably of illustrations from their favorite works of children’s literature.

Quoting Tyler, the Creator is the only thing more hipster than Tyler, the Creator riding a can of PBR over a moon that’s being howled at by a wolf that’s screen-printed on a vintage T-shirt.

I’m pretty sure that just means you were a 90s hipster.

THE absolute perfect mock-hipster answer. Kudos.

See. I knew someone would threaten violence.

Hipsters aren’t into JC. Beard envy.

Oh, you knew mustaches were coming.

Hipsters: aloof.

Hipsters don’t have kids, wives, or (I’m filling in a blank here, sorry) reliable employment.

Yeah, but hipsters sure like beer, @JimTheBeerGuy . . .

“Honesty” is such a lonely word.



After this piece hits stands, maybe not for long.