British playwright Patrick Wilde’s oddly titled 1993 play brims with the conventions of coming-out plays: sensitive but clever young hero, wry female confidante, conservative small town, high school bullies, star athlete who’s secretly gay, public-toilet cruising, sentimental moralizing, parents who just don’t understand. All that’s missing is a ruefully wise drag queen and some gratuitous male nudity. Circle Theatre’s earnest production doesn’t quite redeem the stale script, but the spirited young cast members, led by an endearingly tender Jurgen Hooper, commit themselves to the material as if unaware or unconcerned that we’ve seen it all before. Through 8/28: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. Circle Theatre, 7300 W. Madison, Forest Park, 708-771-0700. $20-$22.