In one of the hilarious and sexy videos on this program, Ann Coppel’s mockumentary I Am Ann (2004), her shout “I am Ann!” becomes the basis of a self-empowerment movement with workshops and therapists and rallies. Cassandra Nicolaou’s Interviews With My Next Girlfriend (2001) intercuts a series of “interviews” in which each prospect offers an exaggerated portrait of herself: one says “chicks call me daddy,” another calls monogamy “so 20th century.” In the longest work, Lee Friedlander’s The Ten Rules (2002), a woman at a party offers a “lesbian survival guide”–“A true breakup is breakup number four”–but she’s distracted by couples making out and friends urging her to seek the mate she wants and let desire destroy her academic “objectivity.” Exactly. 77 min. The screenings will be separated by a social hour. Sat 5/14, 6 and 9 PM, Chicago Filmmakers.