In her energetic, poignant, often funny one-woman show, Tracy Egan portrays 15 characters in the kindergarten ecosystem: kids, teacher, principal, social worker, nanny, and moms ranging from jaded to frantic. Though the structure and some of the jokes feel self-conscious (“A teacher saying her first name is like the Kinko’s cashier handing you her breast instead of your change”), Egan’s depictions of motherdom’s stock characters are crisp, distinct, and accurate, and the story flows beautifully under Teri McEvoy’s direction. Moms should relate to the backpack snooping, PTA hierarchies, development concerns (“Is my child stupid?”), and searches for the perfect snack. Still, it’s a shame Egan doesn’t go beyond the ubiquitous portrayals of modern motherhood as competitive and neurotic. If that’s really all there is, I could be hosting some Mommy SmackDowns before my child is out of diapers. Through 6/5: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3:30 PM. Apollo Theater, studio, 2540 N. Lincoln, 773-935-6100. $30.