Choreographer Rachael Milder often creates quirky characters who bend their bodies in strange, otherworldly fashion, conjuring up images of animals, space aliens, or something in between. Other times she makes excursions into the distorted world of the psyche. In her new solo Unraveling, about the never-sated hunger to become one with another person, she stretches an “extra skin” around her body, creating startling images that could have come from an Edvard Munch painting. Another piece, Palatial Larks, incorporates the unique sounds of Mnemio (short for “Multo Naive Ethnio Muzics in Occidental”), and eclectic band that blends Middle Eastern, Greek, African, and Chinese music. Their presence adds to the familiar unfamiliarity of this dance–a lighthearted battle between sublime gods and pushy little animalistic creatures–which seems to take place somewhere between Here and There. (Julia Mayer will share the stage with Wilder Milder Dances, presenting her solo Door, danced to the haunting choral music of Gyorgy Ligeti.) Like her mentor Shirley Mordine, Milder has a strong respect for music and musicians; the result is a refreshingly well-integrated evening of movement and sound. Link’s Hall (3435 N. Sheffield) September 11 and 12 at 8 PM; September 13 at 3 PM. Tickets at the door; call 973-2821 for info.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Susan Swingle.