A 12 Steps Program performs Jason Williams’s play, ostensibly an episode of canceled sitcom Arrested Development. Here the Bluth family’s booze-soaked matriarch, Lucille, changes places with a cheery suburbanite. Some of the character likenesses are striking, such as Anne Harvey as Lindsay and Adi E. Paliti as her maybe gay husband, Tobias. With others, however–like Rachel Urbanowicz as Lucille and Katie Enright as granddaughter Maeby–there’s a complete disconnect. The staging is also poorly paced, failing to mimic the TV show’s quick scene changes. Though this is a great showcase for Williams’s comedy–it includes hilarious lampoons of other Fox shows–his rendition of a cult favorite will likely leave fans pining for the real deal. Through 6/7: Wed 8 PM, Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 312-805-0852, $10.