The last three days of a four-day festival, now in its ninth year, that highlights film and video shorts as well as features by women, including documentaries, animation, narrative, and experimental works. Tickets for individual programs are $6, $5 for WIDC members, and $4 for students and senior citizens with a valid ID; festival passes are also available. Screenings will be held at Columbia College’s Ferguson Theater, 600 S. Michigan, and Columbia’s Hokin Theater, 623 S. Wabash. For further information call 281-4988


PARALLEL ANGLES A video by Julie Harrison and Harilyn Rousso, Positive Images: Portraits of Women With Disabilities, and a short film from the United Kingdom by Valerie Kaye, John’s Not Mad. (Ferguson, 6:00)

VANISHING POINT Videos by Joan Ellen Price, Maureen Nappi and Dean Winkler, Kathleen Sweeney, Lee Eiferman, Abby Lubby, and Wendy Jo Carlton. (Hokin, 6:00)

ACUTE ANGLES A documentary program: films by Robin Whitman, Johanna Sophia, and Lori Hiris, and a video by Kathryn High. (Ferguson, 8:00)

SHIFTING ANGLES Videos by Diane Teramana, Regina Vater, and Azian Nurudin about travel and faraway places, including Brazil and Borneo. (Hokin, 8:00)

WHAT’S YOUR ANGLE Assorted films by Naomi Pitcairn and Martha Keavney, Cathy C. Cook, Ellen Fisher, and Heather McAdams. (Ferguson, 10:15 pm)

INSIDE ANGLE Three videos: Julia Lesage’s Troubadours, Annie Goldson and Ann Crenovich’s Las Mujeres del Mercado/The Women of the Market, and Lynne Sims-Taylor’s Improving the Odds: A New Strategy for Child Survival. (Hokin, 10:15 pm)


ELBOWS AND ANGLES Six films: Patti Bruck’s Slippage, Alison Snowden’s In and Out, Suzanne Smith’s One Book, One Summer, Prunella Vulgaris’s Doors and Doors That Slam, Peggy Ahwesh’s Martina’s Playhouse, and Lindsay Christopherson’s Being Downbeat. (Ferguson, 10:00 am)

RAW ANGLE Documentary and essayistic videos by Vanalyne Green, Susan Shwartz Braig, Jacira Melo, Eleanor Goldsmith, Kate Wrobel, Christine Robbins, and Andrea Torrice. (Hokin, 11:00 am)

SUBJECTIVE ANGLE Four films: Mary Ann Lynch’s Lyn Lifshin: Not Made of Glass, Lou McCall’s Save Me, Jean Sousa’s Today Is Sunday, and Helen Carter’s Embroidery. (Ferguson, 12:15)

TRI-ANGLE A video (Voices From the Front) and two films (A Constant State of Departure and Viva Eu!/ Long Live Me) dealing with aspects of the AIDS crisis. (Ferguson, 5:30)

STREET ANGLE Four videos on street subjects:, graffiti (Sandra King’s The Writing on the Wall), teenagers (Carolyn A. Kraink’s Name of the Game), street people (Judea Herbstein’s The El Paso Club), and a film about what happens to unclaimed corpses in New York (The Other Side). (Hokin, 5:30)

ROUGH ANGLE Four films: Keping Qiu’s Au Pair, Kristine Sorenson’s A Moment of Magenta, Janice E. Findley’s Beyond Kabuki, and the collectively directed Eat the Kimono. (Ferguson, 8:00)

COMPLIMENTARY ANGLES Assorted videos by Marilyn Burgess, Cordelia Swann, Michele Poncedeleon Tuohey, Jean Darling, and Marusia Bociurkiw. (Hokin, 8:00)

OBSCURE ANGLE Videos by Christiane Graham and Marina Zurkow, and films by Amy Kravitz, Varda Hardy, Martha Davis, Greta Snider, and Sandra Lahire. (Ferguson, 10:15)

HER STORY Peng Xiaolian’s Women’s Story looks at the lives of three rural Chinese women and their growing solidarity as they travel away from their village. Banned by the Chinese government, this film has been copied onto video and will be shown in that format. (Hokin, 10:15)


WIDE DEPTH OF FIELD Three documentary films with third-world subjects: the Philippines (Anne Henderson’s Holding Our Ground), Cambodia (Ellen Bruno’s Samara: Death and Rebirth in Cambodia), and Mexico (Lourdes Portillo and Susana Munoz’s La Ofrenda/The Days of the Dead). (Ferguson, 1:00)

STEADY ANGLE Four videos: Sue Richter’s Gestures, Deanna Morse’s Artist in the Schools, Rena Zaid’s Given Opportunities, and Barbara Gregornik’s Silent Music. (Hokin, 1:00)

REFLECTING ANGLES Three documentary portraits: Sara Buchwald’s video about the sole survivor of the Jonestown mass suicide, Ann Alter’s film about lesbian minister Jan Griesinger, and Lynne Sachs’s film about L.O. Taylor, a black Baptist minister and filmmaker. (Ferguson, 3:15)

INTERSECTING ANGLES Four videos: Mary Patierno’s Alice and Lena, Megan Siler’s Single Mothers: Living on the Edge, and the collectively made Strike and Rule of Thumb. (Hokin,. 3:15)

DIRECT ANGLE Film documentaries by Jenny Morgan and Antonia Caccia about the Palestinian struggle, and a video called Voices in Exile: Immigrants and the First Amendment. (Ferguson, 6:00)

RAW ANGLE See listing under Saturday, March 3. (Hokin, 6:00)

SCATTERED ANGLE Surname Viet Given Name Nam–the third film of Trinh T. Minh-ha, the American-based Vietnamese experimental filmmaker (Reassemblage, Naked Spaces: Living Is Round)–offers a multilayered, complex, and often moving depiction of Vietnamese women and their oppression, both in Vietnam and as refugees in the U.S. Organized musically and utilizing a variety of materials ranging from interviews to newsreel footage to diverse literary and critical commentaries on the sound track, the film is as much about how we as Westerners perceive Vietnamese women as it is about its subject. Trinh’s methods of questioning and dismantling the documentary forms that are generally used to confront such a subject are radically conceived, as well as cunningly and delicately employed. Not an easy film, but an unforgettable one (1989). (Ferguson, 8:15)

BLUNT ANGLE Four videos: Deb Ellis and Prajna Parasher’s Unbidden Voices, Nancy Partos’s The Double Crossing, Shu Lea Cheang’s Color Schemes, and Linda Gibson’s Flag. (Hokin, 8:15)