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The Women in the Director’s Chair International Film & Video Festival, now in its 13th year, continues Friday through Sunday, March 18 through 20. It highlights shorts as well as features by women, including documentary, animated, narrative, and experimental works. Screenings are at Chicago Filmmakers, 1543 W. Division; the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, 1852 W. 19th St.; Randolph Street Gallery, 756 N. Milwaukee; and Columbia College, 624 S. Michigan. Tickets are $6, $4 for Women in the Director’s Chair members, students, and senior citizens with a valid ID; festival passes are also available. For more information call 281-4988.



A film and video program. The films: Jean Cheng’s Across a Paper Ocean (1993), the collectively made Tama Ba? Tama Na! Enough Is Enough! (1993) from Canada, Andrea Bosshard’s Walking Past Midnight (1992) from New Zealand, and Alison Kelly’s A Family Affair (1993). The videos: Adele Horne’s Rise Up (1991), Bonni C. Cohen’s Pass the Gate (1993), and Lynn Robinson’s And You From Yours (1993). (Columbia College, noon)


A film and video program. The videos: India Court MacWeeney’s Girlie–Woman (1993), Maya Chowdry’s Monsoon (1992) from the UK, Terri Hanlon’s Inversion of Solitude (1993), and Sally Davis’s Will I Ever Find What I Need in a Man (1993). The films: Lynn Tomlinson’s Paper Walls (1993), Georgette De Roux and Enriquez Taylor’s Her Kitchen Extension (1993), and Athina Tsoulis’s The Invisible Hand (1992) from New Zealand. (Columbia College, 2:00)


Six short films: Susana Ortiz’s A Better Life (1993), Sami Alkassim’s Trip (1993), Angela D. Chou’s Red, White, Blue, and Yellow (1993), Amy E. Gerber’s Your Race Is Doomed (1993), Michelle Taghioff’s Home (1993), and Nicole Newnham’s Unforgettable Face (1993). (Chicago Filmmakers, 6:00)

Latin American Films and Videos

Maria Novaro’s Otonal (1992) from Mexico, Irma Iranzo-Berrocal’s Yemaya (1988) from Puerto Rico, Nancy De Los Santos’s Breaking Pan With Sol (1993), Cindy Robateau’s Brazilian Self-Portrait (1993), and Olivia Olea’s Por la vida (1993). (Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, 7:00)


Two films and one video. The films: Ching-ching Ip’s Last Week of Summer ’92 (1993) and Susana Blaustein Munoz’s My Home, My Prison (1992). The video: Cyrille Phillips and the Not Channel Zero Collective’s Black Women, Sexual Politics & the Revolution (1992). (Chicago Filmmakers, 8:00)


Five videos, all produced in 1993: Cheryl Dunye’s An Untitled Portrait, Joan Jubela’s Homoteens, Jane Jefferies’s Echoes, Gia Marie Amella’s My Definition, and Mira Gelly’s I Am a Famous French Director. (Chicago Filmmakers, 10:00)



One film–Nina Danino’s Now I Am Yours (1993) from Great Britain–and three videos: Dinorah De Jesus Rodriguez’s Ochun/Oricha–El Balance–Guerreros (1990), Shani Mootoo’s Wild Woman in the Woods (1993) from Canada, and the collectively made Safer Love (1993). (Randolph St. Gallery, noon)


Three videos: Nanako Kurihara’s Ripples of Change (1993), Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater’s Motherless (1992), and Lynn Estomin’s The Other Side of the Fence (1993). (Randolph St. Gallery, 2:00)


Four videos: Heather Dew Oaksen’s Engram (1993), Shahnaz Begum’s The Life Struggle of Aleya (1991) from Bangladesh, Christine L. Minor and Phyllis J. Jackson’s Let the Truth Be Told . . . Voices of Women in the Black Panther Party (1993), and Pat Saunders and Rea Tajiri’s Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice (1993). (Chicago Filmmakers, 6:00)


Three films and three videos. The films: Tessa Sheridan’s Alien Corn (1992) from Great Britain, Lucienne Lanaz’s Setu Lauluema (1992) from Switzerland, and Zipora Sichrovsky-Fried’s Freedom (1993) from Austria. The videos: Tania Cypriano’s Ex Voto (1990), Suzy Richter’s Cross Your Heart (1990), and Gitanjali’s New View, New Eyes (1993) from Canada. (Randolph St. Gallery, 7:00)

Contemporary Independent Video From Chile by Ximena Arrieta

Ximena Arrieta will present four of her videos, which are not subtitled: La historia tiene nombre de mujer, Diaro de una mujer descasada, A mi no me preguntaron, and Fragmento de un sueno. (Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, 7:00)


Four films and three videos. Su Friedrich’s affecting and potent half-hour film Rules of the Road (1993) recounts a former love affair in relation to an Oldsmobile station wagon she and her lover both used. The filmmaker exposes some of her recollections and feelings offscreen, yet practically everything we see unfolds on city streets and country roads; similar station wagons are glimpsed everywhere. It’s a heartbreaking demonstration of the ways emotions and memories, obsessive and otherwise, interact. The other films: Kayla Parker’s Night Sounding (1993) from Great Britain, Heidi Kull’s Beloved Murderer (1992), and Ann A. Kaneko’s A Shortness of Breath (1992). The videos, all from 1993: Coco Fusco and Paula Heredia’s The Couple in the Cage: A Guatinaui Odyssey, Portia Cobb’s Drive-by Shoot!, and Alia Arasoughly’s Torn Living. (Chicago Filmmakers, 8:00)


One film, Anne Chamberlain’s Condomnation (1992), and eight videos: Joanne Morton’s Women Are So Fucking Cool! (1993), three “commercials” by Mary Carlson, made between 1991 and 1993, Diane Bonder’s Dangerous When Wet (1992), Suzy Richter’s Cross Your Heart (1990) from Canada, Jocelyn Maria Taylor’s 24 Hours a Day (1993), and Janet Baus and Su Friedrich’s Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too (1993). (Chicago Filmmakers, 10:00)



Three videos and two films. The videos: Catherine Moy’s From the Store to the Cemetery on Easter (1993), Beverly Ginsburg’s The Gypsy Princess (1993), and Estela Bravo’s Miami-Havana (1992). The films: Adriana Rosas’s Broken Basket (1993) and Eva Ilona Brzeski’s This Unfamiliar Place (1992). (Randolph St. Gallery, noon)

New Work by Women From the Escuela Internacional

A program of recent work in Spanish by women from the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema’s International Film and Television School, only one of which is subtitled: from Uruguay, Hilda Hidalgo’s Sacramento and Sandra Ibarra’s Un fantasma en mi sopa (1990); from Spain, Lidia Mosquera’s Qui es eso? (1993); from Chile, Andrea Guzman’s Ronda de Aissa (1993) and Paola Castillo Villagran’s Reflejos (1993); from the U.S., Graciela Sanchez’s No porque lo diga Fidel Castro (1988); from Cuba, Maite Santosa’s Entreacto vital (1992); from Mexico, Leticia Vargas’s La mirada de la sirena (1991); from Colombia, Irina Lopez’s Ojos de sol (1993); and from Peru, Ana Caridad Sanchez’s Manos sobre pies (1993). (Randolph St. Gallery, 2:00)


Three videos: Beverly Moeser’s I’m Not Tonto, Elizabeth Canner and Julia Meltzer’s State of Emergency: Inside the L.A.P.D., and Joan E. Biren’s A Simple Matter of Justice (all 1993). (Chicago Filmmakers, 5:00)


A one-minute film, Jane Buckwalter’s Fishbowl (1993), and four videos: Marta Wohl’s Lean on Me: The Power of Peers, Cheryl Dunye’s An Untitled Portrait, Teresa L. Getter’s Face the Music, and Lynn Feinerman’s Eco-Rap: Voices From the Hood (all 1993). (Randolph St. Gallery, 7:00)


Five films and two videos. The films: Marta Balletbo-Coll’s Harlequin Exterminator (1991), Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams’s Dream Girls (1993) from Great Britain, Nuria Oliva-Belles’s The Fight (1992), Len Keller’s Ife (1993), and Alexis Raskin’s Where Could You Be? The videos: Mary J. Almerigi’s Lady on the Wing (1993) and Marlise Malkames’s Mr. Wonderful (1992). (Chicago Filmmakers, 7:00)


Two films and two videos. The films: Kristin Cato’s Woman With Girdle and Allie Light’s Dialogues With Madwomen, both 1993. The videos: Melissa Lockwood’s Nine Stories From Where My Mother’s Ashes Are and Diane Bonder’s Parole, both 1993. (Chicago Filmmakers, 9:00)