The Stockyards Theatre Project’s third annual showcase of woman-centered drama, coproduced with Link’s Hall, features storytelling, dance, improv, stand-up comedy, and other forms. The festival runs October 24-26 at Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield. Performances are at 8 PM; each evening features a different lineup of seven to nine pieces (scheduled times for individual presentations each night are listed below). Latecomers will not be seated until intermission. Tickets cost $12 per night; call 773-281-0824 for reservations or 312-409-2641 for general information.



Choreographer Rachel Thorne Germond performs her own dance piece (set to music by Philip Glass) about a woman confronting her destiny. 8 PM.


Neo-Futurists Rachel Claff, Genevra Gallo, and Chloe Johnston perform a piece about three women’s experiences on a road trip on September 11, 2001. 8:14 PM.

Chicken Scratch

The all-female comedy group Sirens presents a program of improvised monologues. “The monologues are hit-and-miss. . . . But the talented ensemble twists the ideas in the monologues into fresh, exciting comedy about relationships, family, sex, and beauty. . . . There are some outrageous moments . . . and many ribald ones, but they arise naturally from the characters. It turns out the Sirens are as enticing as their name suggests,” says Reader critic Jennifer Vanasco. 8:24 PM.

Born in the Other Room

Silvia Gonzalez S.’s drama concerns an infertile woman awaiting the birth of her biological child by a surrogate mother. 8:54 PM (the piece is followed by intermission).

Females Die Violent Deaths in the Wilderness

Karen G. Williams’s multimedia solo piece deals with issues related to health care–including the harvesting of organs from Chinese political prisoners. 9:14 PM.

Fivestar Females

Fivestar Boogie Productions presents a dance set. 9:34 PM.


Jenny Burkholder and Lydia Bueschel–aka Burkholder v. Bueschel, a Limited Liability Dance Partnership–present a program of spoken word and movement in which Bueschel creates dance responses to Burkholder’s poetry. 9:44 PM.


Grace Fill’s solo piece combines storytelling and martial arts. 9:54 PM.

Missing Cool Hand Luke

Risa Tolentino’s performance piece examines themes of “solitude, alienation, death, and sexual fantasies.” 10:01 PM.


She Laughs

This all-female collective of musicians, poets, and dancers improvises a pair of short pieces. 8 PM.

Bag Ladies

The Thick Routes Performance Collage presents an experimental work exploring “stories and gestures of blackness.” 8:20 PM.

The Real-Life Adventures of Lizzy and Rilla

Katie Carey Govier and Joie Devoney star in a comedy about two women fighting the “Beauty Myth.” 8:40 PM.

On My Table

The Thick Routes Performance Collage returns with a poetry-percussion piece about “what it means to prepare and share a meal.” 9 PM (the piece is followed by intermission).

The Dreams of Black Men

Jane Alderman directs her own short play about a woman and man discussing their dreams. 9:30 PM.

Domination Barbie

Milwaukee-based performance artist Elizabeth Whitney presents an excerpt from Grrrls, her “queer-focused” examination of gender and sexuality in pop culture. 9:50 PM.

Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)

Angela Farruggia performs an excerpt from her interactive one-woman show about a famous writer facilitating a self-help seminar for young authors with low self-esteem. “The concept is overflowing with possibilities. . . . The script, however, feels awkwardly adolescent in its development,” says Reader critic Kim Wilson. 10:10 PM.


Scratched in Pencil

The all-woman percussion ensemble Big Smith performs a work in progress that incorporates movement, poetry, and music. 8 PM.


Writer-performer Dee Bolos performs excerpts from her debut solo show, which offers a distinctly female perspective on life in Chicago’s white-ethnic Catholic south side. Clearly influenced by (and sometimes strikingly reminiscent of) Lily Tomlin, Bolos is an engaging comic, seemingly laid-back though her timing is sharp, and her often raunchy jokes are balanced by an appealing sweetness. 8:20 PM.

Inside the Mirror

Kara Lashmet performs an excerpt from her full-length solo show about issues related to self-image and weight loss. 8:40 PM (the piece is followed by intermission).

Dreaming Iraq

The perspectives of three women–one American, one German, and one Japanese–shape this study of identity, stereotypes of the “other” during wartime, and contemporary American perceptions of Iraqi women. 9:10 PM.

Buying Buddhahood

Jill Elaine Hughes’s monologue recounts her experiences with Buddhism–including going shopping for New Age merchandise. 9:30 PM.


Susan Karsnick performs an excerpt from her full-length work Wet Appetite, about a woman’s attempt to enhance her beauty with makeup. 9:45 PM.

Snuggle Bunny

Sarah Gavitt performs an experimental monologue about “Jesus, Uganda, and Oprah Winfrey.” 9:50 PM.

Brave New Union

Amy Rath’s spoken-word piece examines marriage as public institution and private experience. 10 PM.