The Stockyards Theatre Project, which calls itself “the only theatre company in Chicago dedicated exclusively to feminist/femaleist theatre and performance art,” presents its second annual showcase of woman-centered drama, storytelling, dance, improv, stand-up comedy, and other performance genres. Topics addressed range from rape, pregnancy, and madness to lesbianism, the beauty industry, and multiple orgasms. Running November 30 through December 2, the event features three evenings consisting of five to eight presentations each. All shows take place at Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield. Performance times are Friday and Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday at 7 PM (scheduled times for individual presentations on each evening are listed below). Admission to each show is $10; a three-day pass is available for $20. For reservations and more information, call 773-377-5001, ext. 6487.


I Dance With a Dress

Project Danztheatre presents Ellyzabeth Adler’s comic dance-theater piece about situations in which women must wear fancy dresses. 8 PM.

I Began Smoking Because of a Boy

Temple Lentz’s solo piece concerns her experiences with cigarettes and men. 8:10 PM.

Out of Cuntrol

Pamela Chermansky and Lori Sherlock employ storytelling, song, and movement to portray the “delightfully deranged” relationship of an aunt and her niece. 8:30 PM.

Quiet Torrential Sound

Joan Ackermann’s short play about two vacationing sisters discussing multiple orgasms is directed by Genevieve Hurst. 8:45 PM.

The Real-Life Adventures of Lizzy and Rilla

Katie Carrey’s short play concerns two women resisting the beauty industry in favor of being who they want to be. 9 PM.


Maggie Anderson’s solo performance is based on statistics indicating that one woman in four is a rape survivor. 9:20 PM.

Winter Genesis

J.M. Johnson’s short story about a woman’s “awakening of intelligence” is the basis for this dance-theater piece adapted by Gillian Gibson. 9:30 PM.

The Perfect Package

Jill Elaine Hughes’s play concerns how the friendship of two women is affected when one of them reveals she’s a lesbian. 9:50 PM.


Musings: A Compilation of the Hopes, Dreams, and Fears of Young Women

Jaclyn Biskup choreographed this movement-based performance piece based on young women’s accounts of their struggle to balance professional aspirations and relationships. 8 PM.

Concrete Shoelaces: A Dysfunctional’s Garden of Verse

Lori Howard and Tina Paraventi perform selections from Kit Paraventi’s collection of “contemporary sonnets on unconventional topics.” 8:10 PM.


The Common Air Theatre Company performs a theatrical adaptation of poems by Anne Sexton. 8:25 PM.

The B Word

The Art Riot Theatrical Company, based in Washington, D.C., presents Dolores Whiskeyman’s comedic monologue about the word “bitch.” 8:45 PM.

Fetal Dreams

Jill Elaine Hughes’s solo piece explores nightmares about infertility and unplanned pregnancy. 9:05 PM.

Dear Sugar and Spice

Robyn Okrant and Christine Sinacore lead an audience-participation improvisation exploring questions published in women’s magazines. 9:25 PM.

I Was Here, Too

M.T. Cozzola’s partly improvised solo piece is based on her relationships with friends, family, and “the world at large.” 9:45 PM.


I Dance With a Dress

See listing for 8 PM Friday. 7 PM.

A Mugging

Sherry Legare’s solo piece recounts her experience being mugged. 7:10 PM.

Final Placement

Ara Watson’s short play concerns a woman trying to reclaim the child taken from her by a government family-services program. 7:25 PM.

American Cowgirl

Kristin Goodman’s storytelling piece tells of a young girl learning responsibility in New Mexico’s Rio Grande valley. 7:45 PM.


Cate Mannion performs Imma J. Curl’s monodrama about a woman helplessly watching her daughter burn to death. 8:05 PM.