The Stockyards Theatre Project, whose mission is “supporting women theatre and performance artists and the pursuit of the femaleist viewpoint,” presents what it intends to be the inaugural edition of an annual showcase of women’s theater, performance art, comedy, storytelling, and music. Running November 17 through 19, the event features professional artists as well as teenage performers from Chicago public schools addressing such issues as motherhood, female friendship, lesbianism, HIV/AIDS, eating disorders, class and racial conflicts, sexism, family relationships, mental illness, and bungee jumping. The fest is divided into three programs, each of which features several different pieces. Admission to each show is $10; a three-day pass is available for $25. All performances take place at Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield. For reservations and more information, call 773-871-6625.



Joanie Schultz performs a solo piece about the menstrual cycle and her own teenage miscarriage. 7:30 PM.

Sally and Marsha

Cora VanderBroek and Kenda Hallman perform a scene from Sybille Pearson’s play. 7:50 PM.

Dolls in the Walk

Rachel Anne Robinson presents a modern dance piece. 7:55 PM.

Absurdity 3

Ellyzabeth Adler, Christina Kelly, and Candace Rai’s dance-theater work focuses on “how patriarchal society manipulates women’s bodies at every stage of their lives.” 8 PM.

Sapna Kumar

This stand-up comic pokes fun at her own experiences as an American lesbian of Indian descent. 8:10 PM.

Bad Habits

Following an intermission, Cathy Sullivan and Michelle Lazowski perform a scene from Terrence McNally’s comedy. 8:40 PM.

The Living and the Dead

Mary DeVeny presents a solo performance piece, directed by Tina Paraventi. 8:50 PM.


A Broken Peace: The Women Who Are Our Mothers

Jennifer Barclay’s solo piece is based on interviews she conducted with mothers. 7:30 PM.

A Matter of Scale

A short play by Margaret Waterstreet is presented by M. Divine Productions; Staci Singer and Megan Lewis appear under Mary DeVeny’s direction.

7:50 PM.

The Ugliest Girl You’ve Ever Seen

Amy Rath’s solo performance piece examines the impact of media-influenced bulimia and anorexia on contemporary women. 8:15 PM.

On the Brink

Martha Adrienne presents a “storytelling adventure piece about bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand.” 8:30 PM.

Gravisphere Theatre Company

Following an intermission, this troupe presents a movement-theater piece. 9 PM.

Dental Damned

Amy Fulgham’s performance piece about her experiences with HIV and AIDS employs dance, combat, and storytelling. 9:15 PM.

A Different Moon

Tina Paraventi and Jill Marie Soltysiak perform a scene from Ara Watson’s play under Cat Gleason’s direction. 9:30 PM.


Dancers of Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School

Teenagers present a modern dance piece about women’s class struggle. 2:30 PM.


Victoria Andrew’s solo performance is drawn from a novel by lesbian writer Peg Paugh. 2:35 PM.

When I Was Born

Teatro Luna offers a program of Latina storytelling and performance. 2:55 PM.

The Power and the Glory

Li Wilhelm’s short comedy about two women in a glass elevator is performed by Lori Howard and Kathleen Ann. 3:20 PM.

Broken Vows

Jennifer Sandoval’s modern dance piece is the last performance in the festival. 3:35 PM.

Arts-in-Education Dance Seminar

Professional dancers lead a workshop for Curie Metropolitan High School students and anyone else who wishes to take part. 3:50 PM.