WORDS, Second City Outreach Program and DMG Freedom, at Donny’s Skybox Studio. It’s difficult to give all 19 performers their moment in the spotlight during such a short show (70 minutes tops). But under the direction of Claudia Wallace, the third annual Words revue emerges as an ego-free evening of song, dance, poetry, mime, and of course sketch and improv comedy.

Ironically, these last two elements–Second City staples–are the most severely hampered by the show’s vaudeville format. With limited time for development, dialogue-driven scenes rarely move beyond their premises (fortuitously in some cases, like the bit about a guy regretting the loss of a second date with a girl he murdered on their first). More appealing are the solo turns relying on individual skills: guitarist Matthew “Motep” Woods performs Andalusian-tinged songs, Eliki Kogiones offers a cappella jazz vocals, and Arianne Benford delivers a Slam-worthy diatribe on our city’s education system. In the evening’s centerpiece, Kogiones and Benford join dancer Hettie Barnhill for a Valentine’s Day ode that seamlessly integrates aural, verbal, and kinetic expression.

The level of expertise is uneven–a hazard of this sort of undertaking. But by the finale it’s clear that the show boasts some of tomorrow’s stars.