Irvine Welsh
Irvine Welsh Credit: Jeffrey Delannoy

Irvine Welsh is one very busy guy. His latest novel, Skagboys, came out last September. He reworked the theatrical version of his novel Trainspotting for Theater Wit’s production last October. He spoke at the Printers Row Lit Fest this June. He’s working on a new novel, set in Minnesota, Miami, and Chicago. (The Edinburgh native has homes in the latter two locales.) He has a film script or two in the works. His 2008 novel Filth has been made into a movie, which opens this fall. He follows the White Sox and the Blackhawks. And he tweets. (Representative sample from @WelshIrvine: “Just struggled through a dreary, worthy, navel-gazing novel which reads like it was written by a rubber-glove wearing depressed sloth.”)

As part of the Public House Theatre’s Put ‘Em Up series, produced by Second City’s John Cates and Pat McKenna, one of Welsh’s scripts in progress will be given a staged reading. Cowritten with American Skin author Don De Grazia, “Creatives” (working title) is described as a dark comedy thriller in which a “best-selling crime fiction author returns from LA to his native Chicago to present a literary prize to his former mentor’s creative writing class.” Welsh and De Grazia are disinclined to add much more to that, as the text is continually evolving; they get together once a week to write and revise. This event is geared toward audience feedback—Welsh and De Grazia will take questions (and likely ask some, they say) after the reading.