Darien Sills-Evans directed and stars in this touching and thoughtful drama about two African-American men, each of whom finds love in the Netherlands. A restless, fast-talking expatriate (Sills-Evans), living with his Dutch wife in the Hague, becomes so frustrated over his stalled acting career that he invites his calm, sensitive ex-roommate from New York (Bobby Lyle) to come over and collaborate with him on a play. Sills-Evans has an insider’s feel for the world of fringe theater, where the camaraderie is as transitory as the marquee, and he vividly juxtaposes its promise of sexual and creative fulfillment with the comfort and responsibility of marriage. The bright, idyllic, and homogenized locale heightens the sense of these black men as strangers in a strange land. 98 min. On the same program, Adam Grabel’s 19-minute short The Brotherhood. Biograph, Saturday, June 23, 5:30.

–Ted Shen