Rippling through the beer-drinkin’, wisecrackin’, “Louie Louie”-lovin’ grapevine in late 1994, this news: Scott McCaughey, musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Sure, he was playing guitar with some band called R.E.M. instead of his comrades in Seattle’s long-beloved Young Fresh Fellows. But after a year on the road playing “Everybody Hurts,” McCaughey is back where he belongs–with YFF singing about “Hank, Karen, and Elvis” that “everyone dies.” Themselves no slobs, the other Fellas have been burning up the Aurora Bridge with their own projects: guitarist Kurt “Rhymes With Rock” Bloch with the sublime Fastbacks, bassist Jim Sangster grinning with the Picketts, and suave drummer Tad Hutchinson steaming up the small screen in a recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful (or so the McCaughey missive titled “Press Release or Something” says). Campaigning on a platform of jocular garage pop back when their homeboys the Presidents of the United States of America were still on the junior high student council, the Fellows might be the most downright lovable combo of the past dozen years–with their unpretentious malty cheer. Just imagine your ideal big brother–polite, funny, gets you drunk on Jagermeister and doesn’t tell mom–and you might come close to deciphering the group’s charming cool/geek dichotomy. Plus, their live shows are outta control enough to make your inner child play duck-duck-goose all night long. And when that happens, nobody hurts. Saturday, 10 PM, Lounge Ax, 2438 N. Lincoln; 525-6620. SARAH VOWELL

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Marty Perez.