YOUR TIME WILL COME, Clay Frog Productions, at Stage Left Theatre. “What do you think happens when you die?” four teenagers ponder, before moving on to talk of burgers and babes–an opening that instantly has us predicting someone’s death. Playwright Trevor Anthony Pitzel surprises us a little when not one but two characters are killed, the first beaten by his abusive father, the second run over by a car. They move on to a waiting room where extraspecial people, living and dead, get to say good-bye. In fact, we’re told this quartet is so special they get to spend one last day together living “the greatest life anyone will ever experience”; the beach, a first-class flight, Cubs bleacher seats, and a strip club follow.

What makes these teens so deserving? Pitzel doesn’t show us. All we see is young men bonding in that awkward “aw shucks, I love you man” kind of way when not calling each other names, play wrestling, or boozing it up. Poorly acted by a cast stretched beyond its meager talents, this show, directed by Chris Arnold, lacks any emotional impact. Piztel’s concept could have prompted a genuine rumination on friendship, death, and grieving, but his earnest, shallow script glosses over any real sadness or regret. The only thing he makes us question is what we would do if given a final 24 hours on earth. No one’s going to put this play on his list.