Like a shark, Zbigniew Karkowski is always on the move. The 45-year-old Tokyo resident has lived in five countries since leaving his native Poland in 1979, worked with collaborators spanning the noise spectrum from inaudible (Francisco Lopez) to annihilating (Merzbow), and used sound sources as diverse as a Japanese temple’s wooden floor and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. And like a shark’s bite, Karkowski’s music makes a mark: Whether manipulating white noise into lulling waves with Lopez on the double CD Whint (Absolute) or marshaling an episodic assault of muffled radio voices, deep bass pulses, and piercing whistles on the three-inch CD Consciously Unconscious, Unconsciously Conscious (Metamkine), he uses sound to create a physical impact. His initial training was in classical music, but he’s been frustrated by the paucity of opportunities to rehearse and perform with orchestras. I/O, the new piece he’ll premiere tonight, posits a solution to this dilemma: he intends to rework samples from past orchestral performances, combining them with computer-generated sounds in real time. Although he’ll go from here to San Francisco to record the piece, this is Karkowski’s only scheduled U.S. appearance this year. Saturday, June 7, 9 PM, 6Odum, 2116 W. Chicago; 773-227-3617.