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Never Mind the Bullock

I don’t know what the deal is with freaks and Sandra Bullock. Last time it was the illiterate guy who wrote her a song. Now, it’s Mona and Brigit, two kooks from Germany.

We are 2 German women (aged 34/35) and have wanted to meet Sandra Bullock for some time. In June 1997 we tried to make our wish come true, to show her our feelings for her. We spared no expense and went to a great deal of trouble to obtain her private address. In October, one of us flew alone to Los Angeles with three gifts for Sandra Bullock.

This is what happened there. On Saturday, October 25, 1997, I started off and knocked on her door. Nobody opened the door. I thought she wasn’t home, but she was there, as I soon found out.

I met a very nice old lady around 80 years old (a neighbor of Sandra Bullock) and had a pleasant talk with her. We were on Sandra Bullock’s property when suddenly and unexpectedly the police arrived and came up to us. The two officers said that the security service had been alarmed and that we should leave S. Bullock’s property immediately. Sandra Bullock had the police remove me and this frail old lady without showing herself at all. The police even threatened us with jail. The neighbor and I were shocked by these manners.

This behavior must be shown for what it is–a total lack of humanity, decency, morals and respect for another person.

Back at the hotel I wrote a letter and apologized for invading her private property. The same evening I drove to her house, which was brightly lit, and pushed the letters (one was already written in Germany, in case Sandra Bullock was not in LA) through the door. I placed the gifts in front of the door.

On Monday, October 27, 1997, I went back to the house to see if the letters and gifts had been taken in. What I saw there was the final straw. The letters had been taken from the door and placed provocatively underneath the row of gifts. Sandra Bullock’s spite continued!

Tears ran down my face and in a trance I went up to the door, which I would not have done normally, and knocked. Naturally, the door remained closed, I did not expect anything else. She treated me without respect like dirt and probably thought she was great.

At the end of my tether with all this I flew back to Germany on 10.29.1997, thank God, because I was now afraid. Who knows what this woman would have done. After I arrived back in Germany my sadness, agitation and disappointment increased. My friend and I saw Sandra Bullock as a person and not as an actress and we regarded her highly and valued her as a person. We felt somehow close to her.

Sandra Bullock should know that one of us was so hurt and agitated by her behavior that she almost died in a traffic accident. It was terrible.

We would like to know why Sandra Bullock acted in such a cynical, despicable manner and if she wants to give her reasons, we want to be fair and give her this chance. But only in a personal talk, and in no other way!

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