Four Surprising Benefits of Adopting a Flexible, Non-Traditional Working Arrangement

If trend studies are any indication, Hybrid Work—a work style in which employees blend working from different locations, whether from home, an office or coworking space—is here to stay. From reducing stress levels and boosting productivity to encouraging a work/life balance and allowing autonomy, flex work has never been more fitting.  From a social impact […]

How Chicago Companies Are Caring for their Employees

Now more than ever, employees have a hand in choosing where and how they work. The rise of flexible work arrangements allows companies to better foster a diverse workforce, which can greatly improve company culture. It’s not enough to just attract top talent, though; you have to retain employees, too. That’s where a hybrid work […]

Kelley O’Hern: An Interview with Nature’s Grace’s Canna-Mom

How has becoming the owner of one of Illinois’s first cannabis cultivations contributed to your family’s agricultural legacy? My husband’s family has farmed in Fulton and McDonough County for six generations. This in itself is the legacy and something to be proud of. It has been generations of hard work and family effort that made […]

Drink Your High: Cannabis Beverages v. Traditional Edibles

Whether you’re trying cannabis for the first time or an avid consumer, edibles are seen as an approachable method of consumption. They are clearly dosed and straightforward to use- no additional papers, fire, or gear required. There are options for everyone – vegan, gluten free, sugar free – as well as a wide variety of […]

Six Chicago coworking spaces to inspire your best work

Working from home is great, but not all the time. While most correspondence makes sense virtually, there’s a certain magic of meeting with your team in person—safely, of course, and when inspiration strikes. With the pandemic accelerating what was already a trend toward flexible work arrangements, it’s quickly becoming the norm. Employees report higher levels […]