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Unassuming and self-assured

The late American artist Chuck Close once famously said, “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.” While the first part of that quote may be true, the second part undoubtedly is. It also explains why all of Close’s paintings look pretty much the same: formulaic and uninspired. […]

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A bright spot in contemporary painting

Contemporary painting is vast terrain. Its broad, shimmering beauty and stylistic scope eludes easy classification. In spite of digital reproduction’s awesome omnipresence and the mobile Internet’s unrestrained reach, a comprehensive view will forever exceed our vision. While we can’t see or speak of linear movements, we can still witness formal affinities and visit thematic encampments. […]

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Combing through time and space

As a writer and unflinching disciple of the truth that art will make your life better, I think a lot about contrasts. Binaries and opposites, polarities and spectrums. In both art and the culture that nourishes it, the animating force is always a unique ability to sustain the maximum amount of difference while avoiding catastrophic […]

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Otherworldly objects

Combining nocturnal hues with cinematic composition and a deft touch, LA-based artist Carrie Cook makes paintings that will change the way you see the glass in your hand. Her latest solo show, “Second Chakra” at Goldfinch, is a seven-piece celebration of everyday things, both in their superficial appearance and their symbolic significance. These aren’t flashy, […]