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A note from the editor

There’s never been a more important moment for alternative newsweeklies in America. Nor have they ever been so difficult to pull together. There’s no funding, little support. The very notion of unfake news has been degraded in recent years—it’s downright reviled by the White House. Daily newspapers are shrinking as they struggle to keep themselves […]

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Death Before Opting In

Of all the wacky responses I got from the announcement of Punk Planet’s closure (“Have you considered going online?” “Why don’t you just move to Canada?” and “Why didn’t you warn me?!”) by far the most prescient was this one: “Sucks. Does it have anything to do with [Sonic Youth’s new Starbucks album]?” In fact […]

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The Pro-Abortion Camp

Dear editor, I was frustrated by your recent decision to allow Liz Armstrong to attempt a political statement with the otherwise (thankfully) easy-to-ignore transcription of her drunken exploits. “The Trouble With Roe v. Wade,” her Chicago Antisocial column for March 17, read like an endless stream of bumper stickers, and her engagement with what many […]

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Turtle Stories

Unci Laura came to tell the children stories that looped back and made points you didn’t think you were coming to. She was small, and her voice was on Valium. It talked around things instead of describing them, or even more rare actually saying them, and it squeaked, just the teeniest bit. She was old, […]