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Remembering Matt Rieger: ‘a good egg for the ages’

Editor’s Note: Matt Rieger, managing director and ensemble member of the Curious Theatre Branch, died on October 27 at 50, following a recent cancer diagnosis. Rieger’s death led to an outpouring of tributes on social media, reminding many of how instrumental he had been in many roles onstage and off over his years as a […]

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Neighbor v. Neighbor

Dear editor, Let me respond to Tom-from-the-Cocoabean’s letter [September 24] regarding Deanna Isaacs’s column “Gooned, Gooned, Gone” [September 10], about the impending departure of Curious Theatre Branch, my theater company, from Glenwood and Lunt in Rogers Park. (Here it’s important that I acknowledge that this letter represents solely my opinion, not that of my cohorts […]

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Destructive Criticism

To the editors: Jack Helbig’s recent review of our musical play, How Could Such a Monster Come to Be?, had a strangely dismissive and angry tone that I found offensive and uncalled for [July 9]. “Abysmal,” “loutish,” “dreary”? Come on, Jack. Our past work (whose past work, by the way, Jack? Maestro Subgum and the […]