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Lounge Ax Seeks Schulter in a Storm

The alderman who oversees the city’s business-license structure, the 47th Ward’s Eugene Schulter, says that he’s been hearing “horror stories” from businesses all over the city. One of concern to music fans involves Lounge Ax. According to the city’s liquor commission, the club, which has been presenting live music almost every night for the past […]

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A Cloud Over Clubland

The situation the owners of Lounge Ax have found themselves in is an example of the repercussions the city’s strict liquor laws can have on valuable and law-abiding institutions. The situation seems intractable. Since there’s little money to be made in rock ‘n’ roll, the live-music industry–on the club level at least–has become a subset […]

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Rock 101

Rock 101 The Beatles: Recording Sessions, subtitled “The Official Abbey Road Studio Session Notes, 1962-1970,” by Beatlesologist Mark Lewisohn, was published nearly ten years ago to practically no fanfare. The book, a painstaking journey through almost every take the group ever recorded, chronicles the band from their first venture inside the studio to play for […]

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The Godfather of Junk

Of the great stars of the 1960s still with us today, Lou Reed is the least affected by the passage of time; his problems transcend age. Many of his compatriots from those days are merely ridiculous; those who maintain some semblance of dignity–Neil Young, say–still must define themselves and be defined by others as fighters […]

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The Mistake

The Mistake Traveling across the U.S.A. It’s hard sometimes to keep it together… Find someone or you’ll be lost And you’re just the kind who’s liable to never be found. Those words come from Blackie Onassis’s plaintive “The Mistake,” the psychic centerpiece of Urge Overkill’s last album, the erratic but powerful Exit the Dragon. The […]

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Way Off the Dial/Schmitsville

Way Off the Dial The vibe on Internet radio follows the pattern of a lot of discussion on Internet matters. The possibilities are endless–no need for $20 million broadcast licenses! Pretty soon kids’ll be programming great radio stations out of their dorm rooms! Yay! Then comes reality, which is somewhat different, adjusted to conform to […]

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Golden Smog

GOLDEN SMOG One of the most notable things about No Depression, or Americana, music is how the genre’s central outfits–in particular the Jayhawks and the Uncle Tupelo successor, Wilco–have crafted an entirely new sound. Though the music often recalls the quieter country rock offered by the Byrds and Gram Parsons in the early 1970s, it’s […]

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Triple Fast Action Waits for the Green

“I hate it.” Wes Kidd has spent nearly a year in limbo. He’s been sitting on a record he’s proud of. The album is Triple Fast Action’s swaggery and punchy Broadcaster. In it Kidd’s guileless lyrics and snappy hooks and the quartet’s versatile and powerful attack marry to create a worthy postpunk successor to the […]

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Austin’s Warped Sweetheart, Part Two

The bizarre parents who belong to the character Jo Carol in Jo Carol Pierce’s country song cycle, Bad Girls Upset by the Truth, are different from her real ones, she admits. “My momma wants it known that she is not that character,” Pierce laughs. Small wonder: On the record Dixie is an extravagant and well-known […]

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Austin’s Late Bloomer

“I knew Jimmie Dale Gilmore since before he was shorter’n me,” Jo Carol Pierce is saying. Her dulcet twang sails over the telephone line from the residence of an aunt she’s visiting in her hometown of Lubbock, Texas. The Austin singer-songwriter is reminiscing about another Austin singer-songwriter, the tall and graceful Gilmore, her first husband. […]