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Unconvering Trib Arts Coverage

When the Tribune’s enjoyable ArtsPlus was pushed from its colorful and prominent place on the back page of the paper’s front news section last September, it became the journalistic equivalent of the garbage scow that couldn’t find a place to come into port. Weekdays it appeared–with black-and-white photos, and in attenuated form–well hidden on the […]

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Top Ten Albums for ’95

Top Ten Albums for ’95 1. PJ Harvey, To Bring You My Love. This is the sound of a new blues, announced by the title track, as epic a statement of primordial lust as has ever been recorded. Controlling the resulting maelstrom is a taut, if somewhat affected, art-rock backing ensemble. Harvey’s albums and evolving […]

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The Inessential Beatles

The Inessential Beatles What separates the Beatles from pretenders to their level of popularity is the intensity of our love for them. Aside from a few odd covers on the first album or two and this or that strange track on the White Album or Yellow Submarine we have a curiously intimate familiarity with their […]

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Scalped Again!/Schmitsville

Scalped Again! One year after he was wrenched out of the loving arms of the only parents he’d ever known, the five-year-old child we are calling Baby Richard still cries every night. Meanwhile the birth parents who abandoned him continue to– Oh, wait a minute. My apologies; I got my columnistic crusades mixed up for […]

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Bruce Springsteen

The word on Bruce Springsteen’s new album, The Ghost of Tom Joad, is that it’s Nebraska II–i.e., another stark and unadorned acoustic song cycle. That’s at once an over- and understatement. Nebraska, of course, was an accident: a bunch of demos for a proposed new 1982 E Street Band album that was finally released almost […]