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The world’s most advanced rock star

Who could have predicted that black stars would so dominate the 80s pop firmament? Any accounting of the decade’s most important acts would have to include at least three black acts in the top, oh, four or so, by my reckoning–Prince edging out Bruce for number one, the two of them followed closely by Run-D.M.C. […]

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Young the restless

Years ago, I sat in a small club in San Francisco and watched Gary U.S. Bonds mark 20 years in show business with yet another night in a half-filled room. The crowd was desultory–too many had come on the off chance that a big Bonds fan named Bruce Springsteen might show up–but Bonds was a […]

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Young Fresh Fellows

The Young Fresh Fellows play with a speedy garage-band ethos that lifts leader Scott McCaughey’s absurdist songs out of the realm of the novelty number up into pop ineffability. Their new LP, Totally Lost, isn’t the dreamy tour de force its predecessor was, but then that record, The Men Who Loved Music, is one of […]

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The four phases of Pink Floyd

There are at least two fun ironies in the rather ugly dispute that has separated leader-songwriter Roger Waters from his erstwhile teammates in the greatest dinosaur rock band of them all, Pink Floyd. The first is that Pink Floyd wasn’t really Roger Waters’s group at all: it was the conception and (originally) the execution of […]