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Sports Matters

A big game is a big game no matter what media shows up, if any [Hot Type, January 16]. People don’t need sportswriters to tell them they have a rivalry with another high school, for example. Athletes and fans create rivalries, not media. And journalists do the hero anointing for war too. Jessica Lynch, anyone? […]

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Bowls of Money

Interesting piece on the whole BCS brouhaha [Hot Type, January 9]. But I must point out something the vast majority of sportswriters missed–the BCS has as much, or more, to do with money than as a means to decide a champion. Basically, football is the financial engine driving athletic departments, and the power conferences are […]

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Basketball Jones

Lots of folks believe Indiana high school basketball died in 1997, when the state’s high school athletics board decided to scrap the winner-take-all playoff format romanticized in the movie Hoosiers in favor of a system that divided schools into classes by size. But at least one guy still thinks Hoosier Hysteria is an affliction worth […]