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Daly News

By Bonnie McGrath “You’re sort of two-dimensional on television. When you get a chance to appear on the stage, it fleshes you out to a three-dimensional person.” –Joel Daly, Kankakee Daily Journal, 1992 Joel Daly and Fahey Flynn paired up in 1967, and people still talk about what happened. Some think they ruined TV news […]

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Grieving By the Book

Grieving By the Book By Bonnie McGrath While Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki is in Los Angeles signing the final $33.5 million judgment against O.J. Simpson, the Goldmans are at Borders on Michigan Avenue signing scores of copies of His Name Is Ron. The books are being passed from Patti to Kim to Fred, who look exactly […]

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Blown Lines

It was a big year for vehicle impoundment ordinances. And I’m not just saying that because I was, until October, the only prosecutor in the city’s legal department dealing with impounded cars. Mayor Daley and the City Council added two new offenses this year allowing police to seize cars. Now people playing loud music and […]

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In Store: the bonds that tie

Earlier this year Daniel Wegner spent several weeks collecting Chicago “things.” First he chiseled off a thumbnail-size piece of an original paving stone he owns from pre-Chicago Fire State Street. Next he gathered three leaves of ivy from Wrigley Field. Then he asked Marshall Field’s for four inches of a branch from the Walnut Room’s […]

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Getting Lucky

“It’s nice to see a man looking like a complete piece of meat for a product endorsement,” said Rhonda from the Heidi Salon in the Merchandise Mart. She and her colleagues Monica and Patty were taking a little Monday-afternoon diet Coke break in the lobby. Actually, it was a big diet Coke break. It was […]

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Train Money

My friend the federal judge and I are walking north on Dearborn to grab a drink at Trattoria No. 10. Just past Monroe, a young guy in a navy blue gas-station-type jacket sidles up to the judge: “Hi,” he says. “Hi. Hi.” The judge looks at him coolly, wishing he’d go away. The guy persists. […]

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Barbra Boutique

It was a good thing, explained Deborah Gibson, sales associate at the new Barbra Boutique, that the design people came last week to spruce up the shelves. Because since Barbra “got rid of her laryngitis or whatever it was she had and came out of hiding,” demand for items in the Marshall Field’s boutique had […]