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The Massage Experience

Peter Rubnitz, owner of the massage spa Urban Oasis, is in Treatment Room No. 1, standing over what appears to be a stainless steel trash can. He opens it with a pedal; three heavy towels are hanging inside and steam swirls up around them. A cloth bag full of herbs is steeping in boiling water […]

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Zelda Went to Law School

“There was a rumor I might be queer. It killed my career.” This was Zelda Gilroy talking. About why she’s not an actress anymore. Zelda. The same Zelda who was so in love with Dobie Gillis. There was nothing the brilliant little imp Zelda wouldn’t do for Dobie. Remember? Dobie, with the dull normal intelligence, […]

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Future Homemakers

By 8:30 on Thursday morning the future homemakers had returned from their 6 AM, 5K “Fun Run” around Grant Park. A tall, thin girl with blond hair had a suggestion that she shared only with her fellow Illinoisans. “You know, there’s been so many ‘teen pregnancy’ and ‘safe sex’ workshops, right?” There was a little […]

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“Is that her real name? Sugar?” asked a young woman on her way into the ladies’ room at Gordon restaurant. “I had a dog named Sugar.” “Well, it’s really a funny story,” said a male companion. “But–well–I’ll tell you when you come out.” Sugar Rautbord, the former Donna Kaplan (of the steel Kaplans), was upstairs […]

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Special Services: the $7,000 blind date

Heather Stern and Marianne Grierson spend most of their time looking for eligible mates. They work the gallery openings, fund-raisers, fancy parties–anywhere they might come upon attractive people of adequate means, intelligence, and character. But neither of these two is lovelorn herself–Stern’s married; Grierson’s “involved.” They do their trolling on behalf of others. Both sexes. […]

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Justice Kennedy

Supreme Court justice Anthony M. Kennedy had stayed up until 4:45 AM the night before he spoke at John Marshall Law School, grappling with a capital-punishment case. He explained to his audience of students, faculty, and judges that the American people like the idea of having capital punishment, but they don’t like the actual killing. […]