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The City Council Hears Alarms

The hardest arguments to resolve are the ones where both sides are right. That’s the problem with the recent spate of racial slurs broadcast on Chicago Fire Department radios. The city’s minority communities are rightfully disturbed about the incidents, while white firefighters feel they’re being blamed for the actions of a handful of complete morons. […]

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Sticker Stalkers

City clerk Jim Laski has a love-hate relationship with publicity. Publicity from a 1992 City Council revolt he helped lead, as alderman of the 23rd Ward, against Mayor Daley’s proposed $48.4 million property tax hike? Loved it. Publicity as city clerk in 1996 for telling the aldermen during budget hearings that city employees owed $1.5 […]

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Color Me Confused

The problem with Tom Ridge’s new color-coded terrorist alert system is that when you see orange, you think Halloween–not “high risk of terrorist attack.” But when you see Dr. Smith from Lost in Space, you know it means trouble. Here are some alert systems all Americans can understand. COLORS Risk Level Low: Blue Guarded: Green […]