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Cannibals, vampires, and visions, oh my!

After 18 months of virtual programming, Facets reopened its doors in September to Chicagoans buzzing to see independent films on the big screen. But the return to in-person screenings is not the only thing different at Facets—the storied cinema house is trying something different this season with a series of “Alternative Horror” picks. Programmed by […]

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Julia Ducournau takes the wheel with Titane

It’s been five years since Julie Ducournau’s debut feature Raw made audience members at the Toronto International Film Festival allegedly pass out and throw up. Her highly-anticipated—and Palme d’Or winning—sophomore effort, Titane, continued the trend with reported walkouts from disgusted audience members at the Cannes Film Festival, and a reported faint at its TIFF premiere. […]

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I’m Your Man

Film has always been a fascinating medium to examine the intersection of love and technology. From more recent examples like Her and Ex Machina, to the various iterations of The Stepford Wives, and even as far back as Metropolis—there’s an intrinsic curiosity about humans and machines, and if they can ever coexist. Maria Schrader’s I’m […]

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Martyrs Lane

Expanded from the 2019 short film of the same name, Martyrs Lane tells a deeply personal ghost story inspired by Gothic and Spanish folklore. Ten-year-old Leah (Kiera Thompson) feels her mother growing increasingly distant from her and she doesn’t know why—but she finds answers, and comfort, in a cherub-looking child (Sienna Sayer) who visits her […]

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The Night House

The Night House is a strong argument for more films that let Rebecca Hall be a scream queen. Feeling the ripple effects of her husband’s recent, unexpected death, Beth (Hall) copes as well as you could expect. She drinks, re-watches old wedding tapes, and covers her pain by projecting a wry, dark sense of humor. […]

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In Homeroom, the stars are the students of Oakland High School as they confront not just the regular highs and lows of high school, but also pushing to remove police officers from their district, rapid budget cuts, and the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ma Belle, My Beauty

Marion Hill’s debut feature is a sun-kissed, but half baked, portrait of non-traditional romance. Set against the French countryside, Ma Belle, My Beauty explores the recent marriage and international move from New Orleans between aspiring jazz performers Bertie (Idella Johnson) and Fred (Lucien Guignard). Bertie starts to feel isolated by the overwhelming whiteness of France […]