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Rebel to the End

Gary Stewart 1945-2003 Country star Gary Stewart died the week before Christmas, an apparent suicide. His frequent collaborator and wife of 41 years, Mary Lou Stewart, had passed away just weeks before. Stewart broke into the music business in 1968 as a songwriter but by 1975 was better known as a singer, with a string […]

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Put ‘Em Together and What Have You Got?

The Best Bootlegs in the World Ever Various Artists (no label) Listening to The Best Bootlegs in the World Ever, a recent compilation of 17 “mashups,” is like visiting a bizarre parallel universe, one with a wilder and more dynamic rock scene than our own. Also known as “bootlegs,” “bastard pop,” and “missies,” mashups have […]

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Dylan Sucks

lawrence.qxd Dear Reader, In his review of Greil Marcus’s new book on The Basement Tapes [Rock, Etc., June 13], Mark Swartz seems a lot more interested in championing Bob Dylan’s later work (an issue barely tangential to Marcus’s book) than in actually addressing, or even understanding, the book itself. (His misreading of the mask idea […]