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Ride With Attitude

glowacz.qxd I take issue with T.C. O’Rourke’s implication [Letters, April 3] that cyclists need other cyclists around them not to be “endangered” on Chicago streets [City File, March 13]. What will put you at risk, I believe, is timid street cycling–the kind of timidity that O’Rourke’s “alone we’re endangered” dogma promotes. If your fear of […]

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Reader to Reader

It was a weekday afternoon in the parking lot of a gleaming urban strip mall. From stores with names like Work ‘n Gear, several people hurried to their cars carrying bulky plastic bags. “Mommy, I don’t waaaa-naaaa!” whined a sandy-haired boy of about five who was being half pulled, half dragged by a 40-ish woman. […]

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Studio announces new “Star Trek” movie

Paramount Pictures this week announced the next in its blockbuster series of “Star Trek” motion pictures. The new flick, “Star Trek: Aberrations,” features a cast that fans will find familiar, yet bizarre, studio officials said. While the new movie will have some connection with the previous movies-including “The Voyage Home Rule” and “The Wrath of […]

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City Scenes: superpoets vs. the money-go-round

Over the last few years, in between managing an adult education center on 18th Street and developing youth-education programs for Mayor Daley, Gabriele Strohschen ran a series of what she calls “cross-cultural exchanges”: educators from around the globe came to swap teaching strategies with their counterparts in Chicago. Last month Strohschen brought cross-culturalism and performance […]