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Who Owns Allen Ross?

Hey editors! Maybe Jack Helbig, who wrote a story for the Reader several years ago on the disappearance of Chicago filmmaker Allen Ross, does deserve more than a cursory mention in the end credits of Christian Bauer’s new documentary on the same subject. But Deanna Isaacs’s column on the, er, controversy [Culture Club, December 14] […]

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Believe the Children

To the editors: A letter from Believe the Children executive director Beth Vargo appeared in the Reader March 29, accusing me of misrepresenting her organization in my article “The Mouths of Babes” (March 15). Several points deserve further clarification. (1) There is nothing unethical about quoting from the public record, as Vargo absurdly suggested. She […]

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Mere Coincidence?

The FBI is scouring the country for the Unabomber–but is their search a classic case of misdirection? The best place to hide, they say, is right out in the open. Maybe the Unabomber is one of the most visible men in America. Maybe he’s Bill Gates. Think about it. A close study reveals some suspicious […]

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Daily Blunders

It’s easy, too easy, to make fun of the lowly “corrections” columns in the daily papers. When, for example, the Tribune announces, as it did in July of this year, that “The name of Richard Seaman, vice president of Evanston’s Fourth of July Association, was misspelled in Thursday’s Chicagoland story about fireworks celebrations,” we cannot […]

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Reluctant Heroine

Amps Pacer (Elektra) Kim Deal is a long-distance runner, albeit one who has to be coaxed to run at all. Deal’s voice first hit my ears back in 1988. Her song “Gigantic,” on the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa, was a pop-punk masterpiece with a deceptively simple chorus that wouldn’t leave my brain. But that was her […]