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Missing the Target

credille.qxd To the editor: I was stunned to read the review (July 10) of Dan and Paul Dinello’s film Shock Asylum, shown at the Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival. Depicting patients in a hospital being threatened with physical harm and being terrorized and tortured is cruel and dehumanizing. To set up an audience […]

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total Mental Health Insurance

credille.qxd To the editor, The article about the novel based on Stanley McCormick (April 3) states that he was cared for by medical professionals on the family estate. The wealthy McCormick family could afford home care. Most families must rely on some form of public aid to obtain treatment for a member who develops a […]

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Mental Malpractice

To the editor: David Futrelle’s article on depression (January 28) treats the subject in an objective, rational way. Both people who are depressed and their associates need this information. People who are depressed suffer additionally because of the incorrect attitudes of others. I thank David Futrelle for his courage in writing a first-person article. I […]